Why choose the Aviator game?

Anyone who has ever played for real money has heard of Aviator. Why has it become so popular, and what makes it so special? And what are some of the Aviator game tricks you can use to win? These are the questions you're most likely to be asking. It's quite simple; Aviator is one of the most promising games where you must predict how long a plane will stay in the sky. This game uses:
  • Algorithm Provably Fair
  • Unique design and gameplay
  • Instant win opportunities of up to x20,000 from a bet per round
  • Minimum bet from R2
  • Each player can set Auto Play
  • You can also do Auto Cashout from the game according to set parameters.
As you can see, this is a unique game, and by using different Spribe Aviator game tricks and strategies, you can increase your chances of winning.
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Spribe aviator game tricks

You need to stick to a few basic Aviator game tricks to play profitably. These will help you win:

Tricks for a successful game

Trick 1

Don’t gamble with your last money. This is an important prerequisite that will help you avoid making mistakes from the start. Don’t borrow or gamble with the last funds you have.

Trick 2

Take advantage of various bonuses. You can get a bonus to play at Aviator whenever you make a deposit. For example, Betway will give you up to 100% on your first deposit with a maximum bonus of R2,000. That’s a great addition to your main deposit.

Trick 3

There is a recommendation among players on how to play with the bonus. You just need to choose odds in the 1.1-1.5 range. This will help you perform the wager and quickly avoid losing your funds.

Trick 4

Use the Auto Play option when playing the bonus at low odds. This will help you avoid making mistakes.

Trick 5

You can also use Auto Cashout. This option is only suitable if you do not have an active bonus. Auto Cashout will reduce your chances of losing big money.

The most profitable aviator strategies

Since the first gambling game appeared, users have been looking for and applying different strategies. This is also the case with Aviator. If you search online for Spribe Aviator prediction, you will find many different tips and strategies.

However, it should be understood that there are no 100% winning systems. The Aviator game algorithm is designed to produce random results. Therefore it is virtually impossible to predict them.

But if you use the strategies wisely, you can be a winner over a short distance. Check out our list of strategies that can help you increase your chances of winning.

Choose the most successful game strategy

Single Bet Strategies

Some of the best Aviator game tricks are single bets. How can this help you win if you play a flat?

It’s very simple; you need to choose the minimum bet for you. For example, that would be R5, and commit it until you are in a winning position. The main challenge here is to wait out the biggest multipliers possible. You need time to pick up that multiplier before the Crash happens.
Another strategy was suggested by Pin Up aviator tricks. It also refers to flat bets. Only in this case do you have to place a rather high minimum bet. After that, you should expect low odds. It must not be lower than x1.35. That way, you will collect winnings with higher bets at lower odds.


This is one of the Spribe Aviator game tricks that apply to all games. The idea is that you need to double your bet every time you lose. And the basic rule is to catch a multiplier of x2.

Chasing x100

Everyone knows that the Aviator game has a multiplier of x100 or more. This multiplier is estimated to only appear rarely for up to 90 minutes. The strategy’s essence is to check the history and find out when the x100 multiplier has appeared.

Calculate 60-90 minutes and start betting. This strategy is very risky. But, it is the most profitable.

Should you trust Aviator Predictor Bot?

One of the best-known strategies is the Spribe aviator prediction bot. After studying this system and conducting many tests, it is nothing more than a dummy.

Players are offered an Aviator predictor bot which makes predictions based on AI. There are several ways to access this tool. But they are all paid and are designed to be profitable.

It is impossible to predict the next round in the game. The fact is that an RNG generates each round. This is a special program that creates pseudo-random numbers. Based on these numbers, the whole game is built.

Therefore all AI Aviator prediction bot programs will not work.

Predicting the outcome of the game is impossible

Should you trust Aviator Signals?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Aviator game signal is another useless product. What this strategy offers. As a rule, such signals can be found exclusively on Telegram. How to find them?

Type 1win Aviator signals into your search, and you will immediately get a list of these bots.
The essence of the method is to sell you subscriptions to several signals for sites such as Betway or Pin Up. But, as a rule, all these signals will not work. The reason is the RNG, which is built into the game. It is simply impossible to hack or predict its operation.


Aviator is an exciting game. But when it comes to winning, many players lose their heads. Many start giving their money to various sites to get help. But this is a misconception.
The only true solution in this situation is not to use any Aviator game signals or Aviator predictor bot. Rather, use the strategies we suggest. Then your chances of winning will be much higher.