Aviator game best minigame of the last decade

Aviator game by Spribe is a new-generation gambling game with exciting gameplay, high odds and virtually guaranteed payouts. It has become a bestseller on many branded gambling sites around the world. In seconds, you can win up to 100 times your bet! It's easy to figure out the betting and withdrawal rules, so buckle up; we're taking off!
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How does an aviator work?

We know that many people dream of sitting at the controls of an aircraft at least once in their life. Being a pilot is a demanding and risky job. Spribe Aviator is designed for just such people. The game is straightforward. You need to monitor the take-off and flight of a small aircraft.

Try to collect your winnings before the plane stops gaining altitude. An aeroplane that is climbing is the key to collecting your winnings. The higher it takes off, the higher the payout ratio. The winnings are calculated using the formula: bet value * coefficient when withdrawing your bet.

Description of the basic principles of the game

To keep you more focused on your sensations and winnings, Spribe has created a game with simple graphics, and it’s a sure thing. Millions of people from all over the world play every day and win, even if not millions, but pretty good money.

The Aviator online game has several features:

  • The first is the Autobet mode. With this option you won’t waste time placing a bet every time. Instead, the game itself will place the bet you specify
  • The second feature is the auto cashout. In fact, this option is missing in all games. You simply specify the range of amounts, up to which the game should make a withdrawal
  • The last, third feature is the availability of game statistics or game history. Here you can observe the number of spins made, the size of the bet, the time of the bet and the result. Thus, you can trace the history of your games even a week or a month ago.

Aviator Online Game Characteristics

Aviator money game, like any other gambling game, has some built-in characteristics. These can be changed, neither by a player wishing to hack into the system nor by an operator wishing to enrich himself by cheating his customers.

ProviderSpribe Gaming
Release date2019
Game typea social multiplayer game of chance
DevicesPC, Notebooks, Tablet, Mobile
Internet bandwidth for proper functioning of the mechanicsLow
FairnessProvably Fair
Range of betsR1 – R2,000
Max Winx20,000
LicenseMalta, Gibraltar, UK, South Africa, Croatia, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, Colombia, Ontario, Netherlands, Lithuania etc.
Availability in South AfricaYes
Bonus featuresNo

Aviator Game Algorithm

It is no secret that many gambling enthusiasts develop different gambling strategies. This can be seen in slots, table games, Live Casino games, and Aviator games. Everyone wants to win big money while enjoying unique emotions.

But any strategy can be defeated by the mechanics of the game. In it, as in other online gambling games, the RNG works. He determines when the plane of wealth will fly away or fall and what the odds will be when it moves.

The provider claims a 97% RTP. In the long run, a player will get back 97% of all the money he’s paid, with the remaining 3% going to the casino owner. This parameter exceeds the industry average, which means the payouts will be more efficient than in many other gambling games.

Remember that Low-Medium volatility has been added to the game, which means winnings will be small but frequent.

Aviator game algorithm

How to check the honesty of Aviator?

Do you know anything about the fairness of a standard video slot in an online casino? If so, you know that you must most often trust the operator’s word and the legal documents published on the website. All because some unreliable casino owners have learned to fake them. Aviator Games are another matter.

This is a game that allows players to take part in shaping the outcome of each gaming round and checking their fairness. This is achieved by using the Provably Fair option. It works even when you still need to place a bet.

During this period, the generation software creates an outcome based on the three primary values of the users and the operator’s server. For more information about the result of each “flight”, go to your betting history and click on the picture of the shield. You must copy and check the result code on the online calculator.

The fairness of the game can be checked using the Provably Fair option

How to play the Aviator for real money?

Gaming at Aviator Spribe Gaming begins when you decide on your stake and press the Bet button. The bets in the game range from R1 to R2,000. You may select from the manufacturer’s suggested amounts or adjust them manually.

Once you place your bet, the virtual plane takes off. Before the plane “goes off the radar”, press the Cash Out button. Try to guess this moment shortly before the plane falls so you can walk away with a more lucrative amount.

The Avaitor game has several attractive features. They make the gameplay even more comfortable and exciting. For example, you have the right to view real-time betting and winnings statistics of gamblers like you and your own. This also confirms the fairness and transparency of the game mechanics. Take advantage of this option to form your strategy.

To win real money, place your bet before the plane takes off

The Aviator game incorporates elements of sociality. A particular in-game chat room adds this. Players can chat, consult, and even make new friends in the in-game chat room. In addition, the chat room automatically receives information about the most significant winnings of the last minutes. This feature makes betting more lively and fun. 

The next exciting option is Auto. It allows you to focus on the gameplay instead of the constant action.

Auto Play

Auto Play in Spribe Aviator is a handy feature for those who want to simplify their gaming experience. You can make the payout or bet amount automatic. Auto Bet is convenient for those who will play several rounds for the same amount.

Click on Auto Bet and select your stake and number of rounds. Additionally, you can set yourself win/loss limits. Upon reaching this amount, the game will be stopped. Then you only need to collect your prize money on time.

Under Auto Play, you can also set up the coefficient at which automatic withdrawals will take place. The default setting is x.1.10. When this mode is set, withdrawals will take place when the plane reaches the fixed odds. If the plane falls earlier, the bet will be considered lost.

Place your bet in automatic mode

Aviator Demo

The Aviator money game allows you to win up to R40,000,000 per game round. However, it would help if you understood that this is a gambling game with the risk of draining your balance. Spribe, as a caring manufacturer, has created a Demo version of the game. This is a mode of play in which the player does not risk his own money while still participating in the game.

All bets are made with the money built into the mechanism. All previous results are reset each time you leave the game and return. Both winnings and losses. That said, you must understand that the winnings here are neither real. All the prizes obtained are not converted into real money. What, then, is the purpose of this mode? That’s easy!

Try playing without losing money

Spribe made it so that the game’s users could get acquainted with the mechanics of Avaitor, find the best strategy for themselves and test the Provably Fair technology. It won’t eliminate risks, but it will make them much less. The Demo option is available at any online casino that uses this developer’s software.

Aviator Mobile App

The Aviator game mobile app offers even faster access to your favorite game of chance. It has the minimum requirements for an Android device (OS version 9.0 or later) and an iOS device (version 11.0), so almost every smartphone owner can enjoy flying a plane. The app can be downloaded via Google Market or the App Store.

However, remember that these are unofficial and only available for games of interest. For cash games, this option is not suitable. Find an online casino, make a deposit and enjoy the gameplay! The paid version is only available at online casinos.

All the functionality of the game is available in the mobile app

Among the many platforms available, choose an online casino mobile app. It gives you even faster access to the Aviator money game. The mobile app doesn’t require a high-bandwidth internet connection. This allows you to play even from areas with poor internet coverage. 

Add to this the simplified interface and the non-stop functioning without any technical problems, and you will soon realize that the mobile application is an indispensable assistant in the life of any player.

Where to Play Aviator

Spribe is a promising provider that produces games for online casinos. Having a South Africa license issued by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board means that players from that country can play legally.

It also means that License No. 10189818-001 confirms that the provider’s games are fair and transparent. Moreover, the license guarantees South African players that the RNG in the games is stable and completely random.

List of sites where you can play Aviator

Betway Aviator

Betway Casino is the oldest remote casino with a generous welcome bonus for South African players of 100% up to R1,000. You can enjoy the Aviator online game both in your smartphone browser and in the mobile app. 

The games have unconditional honesty, as evidenced by the provider and operator certificates. MGA is responsible for the safety and honesty of the gaming platform. If you like, you can tear yourself away from Aviator and choose from over 400 other games in the library.

Enjoy playing Aviator at Betway

To activate the winning plane flight, remember to register. The process is simple, not taking more than one minute. Then top up your account and verify your account. There are a few options available for the country to make a deposit. 

Next, search the site’s game directory for Spribe Aviator through the search bar. Start betting in primary (paid) mode if the game’s mechanics are familiar to you.

Hollywoodbets Aviator

Hollywoodbets is one of the best-known bookmakers in SA. As well as betting on sporting events, you can access the best casino games, including Aviator Spribe Gaming. The establishment is licensed by the respected iGaming representative, the UKGC, which offers hundreds of high-margin games and allows you to download your app to your iOS and Android smartphones. This gives you access to the world’s most popular game in just a few clicks.

The gaming club has a loyalty program. New customers can apply for a welcome bonus of 50 Free Spins. An even better offer has been prepared for those who request a welcome bonus through the mobile app. It will amount to 100 Free Spins.

Play Aviator at Hollywoodbets

Lottostar Aviator

Lottostar is a local operator offering South Africans the best lottery and other gambling games. The gambling club operates under a license, which excludes the possibility of cheating by the gambling club. The casino has several convenient payment methods for residents of the country, so you will not have any questions about financial transactions.

You can play the Aviator money game from any device with internet access. Remember to get your welcome bonus of 100% up to R5,000 right after you register. To do that, you must top up your balance within 72 hours of registering.

Try winning on Lottostar.

How to open an Aviator account?

To play Aviator for money, you must create a personal account at a casino with Spribe software. You can even choose from one of the brands reviewed – all of which have a guaranteed high quality of service. You can make deposits and withdrawals, receive and use bonuses, and participate in a loyalty program through your account.

Instructions for creating a player account

Nothing is simpler than registering to play the Aviator online game. The process takes only a few minutes. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on Sign Up
  • Enter Country
  • Email
  • Password
  • Currency
  • Check that you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

This concludes the opening of the account. Of course, there are some online casinos where the process may look different. But the general principle is almost the same everywhere.

How to make a deposit and start playing?

Once you have created your account, you will ask yourself: What next can I do to try my luck at Spribe Aviator? The answer is simple – proceed to fund your account. The process is as simple as possible and takes seconds.

Go to your bank account, choose one of the most convenient payment options (Visa, Mastercard, SiD, Standard Bank, Capitec, FNB, ABCA, Vouchers), specify the deposit amount and wait for the funds to arrive. You won’t have to wait long – all transactions are almost instant.

How to deposit money to your game account

Your first deposit opens the door to a welcome bonus. Remember to activate it once the money has arrived. You will have to log into your account again to do so. Notably, Avaitor is ideal for wagering the bonus. Keep in mind that some operators will only credit the bonus upon request. Read the casino rules carefully!

Here’s what it takes to make a deposit:

  • Click on Deposit button
  • Enter the deposit amount
  • Select a payment system
  • Copy the payment details and make the payment
  • Once the funds have been credited to your casino account you will see them in your account and can play.

How to Win Aviator: Tips and Tricks

As with any gambling game, users dream of “finding the weak spot” in the game’s mechanics. This is how strategies are formed. Players share them on forums and in chat rooms. Currently, there are three main strategies:

  1. Closing the bet at a multiplier of x1.2 to x1.5. In this case, you are almost guaranteed to get a payout; the winnings will be small but pleasant;
  2. After a series of rounds closed with low multipliers, place two bets. Close one of them when the multiplier reaches x2, and keep the other open until the x6x10 mark;
  3. Study the statistics, and find out when the big multiplier hits. It has been observed that users win large sums about once an hour. Wait for that time and start placing your bets.

All of these strategies have proven to be effective. At the same time, remember that Aviator Games is a real gamble, with the risk of losing all your savings. Play responsibly, and in case of a series of failures, do not hesitate to quit.

Secrets of a successful game

How to withdraw your winnings?

All winnings in the Aviator money game are automatically deposited into the player’s account. However, you’ll still be able to cash out if you win a small amount. The thing is that online casino rules often have a minimum withdrawal limit.

Here’s what you need to do in order to withdraw funds:

  • Enter Cashier
  • Select a convenient payment system
  • Specify the amount cashed out
  • Enter payment details
  • Wait for funds to be received.

If your documents are in order and you haven’t broken any rules, wait for the long-awaited transfer of your winnings to Aviator. It’s simple; you have to be patient!

How to withdraw the money won

Pros and Cons of Aviator Online

The Avaitor game took the attention of millions of players very quickly after its release. Even after several years, the game’s popularity is undiminished.

The reason is that it has many positive features, including:

The simplicity of the rules
The option to place two bets, one of which, if stopped correctly, will offset the loss of the second bet. If both bets win, the payout amount will be multiplied
The game algorithm is based on Provably Fair technology. This technology uses cryptographic standards, eliminates tampering with the mechanics and allows you to verify the fairness of the outcome of the round personally
Low battery consumption on smartphones
Ability to communicate with other players via in-game chat. Share your impressions, think through strategies, and celebrate the successes of others!

The game does have disadvantages. These include:

A longer game round than in RNG games. The plane can take anywhere from 8 seconds to several minutes to fly. Such a time gap, on the one hand, increases the excitement, but on the other hand, obliges you to put all your business aside and concentrate on the game. The important thing is to pick up your winnings on time
Simple graphics. Every Spribe game is about keeping the user’s interests in mind, and it’s often the payout quality, not the image quality, that decides the outcome. That’s why the Aviator game has simplified graphics but the ability to win often.

Aviator Reviews

Aviator Spribe Gaming is a bestseller in the iGaming field. The game gathers hundreds of rave reviews every day and attracts new players. Here are some honest opinions from practising players:

  • A great game with the ability to control the honesty of the results! Like many gamblers, I have long been distrustful of gambling and the behaviour of operators. However, I recently learned about the latest Provably Fair technology, studied the principle of its operation, and finally trusted it. Not for nothing, because now I know that the casino does not cheat me
  • After the boring slots, Aviator was a revelation for me. It’s the easiest and clearest game I’ve ever seen!
  • I like the game! I confess that I play it often and a lot, and have developed my strategy, which usually works and brings me winnings
  • The game is a delight. Always in the black, however small. Other gambling games don’t make as much money as this one. Plus to the developer for his creativity, and look forward to more games from him
  • You will always win if you approach the game with wisdom and experience. Firstly, remember to study the mechanics in test mode, and secondly, only play for big money with enough experience. The experienced will probably back me up – the game is the bomb.
A summary of the benefits of the game


Since its launch in 2019, the Aviator game has made a lot of noise. Around the world, a million people play it every day. They note its simple interface, engaging gameplay and dynamic nature. With support for all platforms, Aviator is available at online casinos on smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and in a mobile app. The number of lucky winners is growing steadily, and you can join them.


Yes, Spribe Aviator is certified and licensed in over 15 countries, including South Africa. This means the authorities have tested the game’s mechanics for RNG fairness and guaranteeing random results.

The licensed game is authentic and complies with all legal requirements for iGaming. Nevertheless, we advise you to choose reliable casinos that, either directly or through reputable third-party companies, work with the provider. This will give you a 100% guarantee of safety and honesty. Otherwise, you might run into a rogue operator with counterfeit software in their library. For you, this means a steady loss of all the money you put into the game.

Above all, remember that the Aviator game is a game that does not exclude the risks of losing. Nevertheless, we encourage you to experiment, strategise and win.

This is not possible. The reason for this is the use of the RNG. It is a unique program which determines each outcome’s outcome at random. It is impossible to predict its next move.

All funds won in the Avaitor game are accumulated in your account. Upon completing the game session, contact your account cashier and withdraw the funds by any method you wish.